One more reason to be happy and to be grateful… Daza Dance Ballroom Academy’s Mark/Logo has been officially published in the United States Patent And Trademark (USPTO) Official Gazette. Congratulations to the Daza Dance Team and all of its members for such an accomplishment. We look forward to continue growing, developing, and becoming THE place for Ballroom Dancing in Atlanta. Thank you so much to our student and friend Heidi Braniff for assisting us during this legal process. It all begin as a general conversation at the World Promotions Dance Competition in Scottsdale, back in December of 2018, and  after almost one and a half year later we were able to close that chapter. Let’s keep believing, let’s keep dancing, let’s keep changing the world… Together we are stronger! 


Congratulations to our awesome student and friend Colet Falvey as well as her fabulous instructor Mario Recoba for their performance at the Texas Star Ball Dance Competition, organized by the team of World Promotions Inc., led by Anna and Andrew Smart, in Dallas, Texas. We are so so proud of Colet and happy to have her as part of our Daza Dance family.

Colet and Mario work really hard in their dancing and the Texas Star Ball competition was just a validation of their effort in accomplishing the goals they set up since last year in July. Colet and Mario brought home the “Top Bronze Overall Student” award, as well as 1st Place in the 3-Dance-Challenge American Smooth and Rhythm in A and B category,  1st Place in the American Rhythm and Smooth Championship in the B category, and 2nd Place in the American Rhythm and Smooth Championship in the A category. Thank you for all you do for us and for all the love. Let’s continue making dreams come true!

PS: Thank you to Colet's husband, Patrick, for all these beautiful pictures!






Daza Dance 2020 Mini-Match competition was everything we dreamed of and more. Thank you so so much to all of our students who participated and made it possible... I hope you all are enjoying this amazing sense of accomplishment. Also, thank you Mario Recoba, Maximiliano Panesi, and Valentina Delano for their never-ending hard work, enthusiasm, team work, and positive energy... our love and gratitude to them for always believing in this dream and making it a reality for all of us. 

In addition, Thanks to our coaches, Chantal Leclerc, Cher Rutherford, and Tamsyn Devilliers for sharing their professionalism, experiences and knowledge with our community while helping us to become great dancers... Thank you for always being there for us! 

And last but no least, thank you to all of our friends and family members who supported us, directly or indirectly, - and some of them working behind the scenes - in making this event a tremendous success. Stay tuned for more Daza Dance experiences soon!





So proud of our amazing Daza Dance Team for their accomplishments at “The Snowball Dance Competition”. Thank you Donna Edelstein for welcoming us with big arms and making us feel so special at your fabulous event. We had an absolute blast connecting end enjoying with everyone during our time in Minneapolis. It certainly was another unforgettable experience!

Moreover, our amazing Pro-Am Daza Dance Team did a fantastic job on the floor representing beautifully our community and dancing to the fullest. Thus, congratulations to our students and friend Heidi Braniff for winning first place during the 6-Dance Challenge, as well as for being awarded the Top Newcomer Student.

Also, congratulations to our awesome dance instructor Maximiliano Panesi for being awarded one of the Top Teachers. You both deserve to enjoy this feeling of success for all the hard work you have put into making your dreams come true; we are so proud of you! Thank you for your trust and support.

Furthermore, our Daza Dance Professional Team conformed by Valentina Delano and Maximiliano Panesi performed amazingly during their debut competition. This is just the beginning of something magical... we are so proud of you two. Congratulations on achieving your goals... the sky is the limit.  Let this be the genesis of many more successful stories! 

In addition, many thanks to our friend Katy for joining us, and coming along with the rest of the Daza Dance Team, in this fabulous experience at the Snowball Dance Competition. Thank you for all your love and caring throughout all these years.

And last but no least, thank you Mario for always being there supporting our team.
Sharing these experiences with you are always super fun and interesting. Join me, in feeling very proud of what you have helped us create here at Daza Dance from the very beginning. Thank you for everything you have done, and continue doing to make this dream, our dream, a reality.