End Of Year Celebration Event

When you mix a Daza Dance Party with a Showcase, what do you get? You get a phenomenal year-end celebration. This event was the first time we had live showcase performances in two years, and there was expectant encouraging energy in the air. The relaxed atmosphere allowed the performers to enjoy the evening with their family and friends. The performances were inspiring and exciting and left many memorable moments.

Opening the show was with a fiery tango with Trinity, and Maxi Trinity adorned in red and Swarovski. Following Regina and Mario melted our hearts with a passionate Bolero Titanic blue dress like the ocean waves. Next, Paula and Maxi had the audience holding their breath as they performed an intense Viennese waltz held their breath the entire time as they felt the anguish of the characters against the stunning pictures they created with the Viennese waltz. In addition, Julie made us cry with Waitress as she communicated her changing emotions in an elegant Viennese waltz. 

Kass and Jyll showed fierceness and skill for the Grand Finale as they danced with Maxi and Teresa. They brought the intensity of their story to life, creating beautiful lines throughout the tango performance.

The Iconic Daza Dance Bachata and Samba line dances were the second half of the night, and Maxi was in his element as he kept everyone engaged with humor bringing everyone into a sense of community.

This party was the perfect way to highlight the accomplishments and journey of the studio! We are ready to chart new courses and challenges for the year ahead!

United States Pro/Am Ballroom Dance Championships 2021

Congratulations to our student Candi Howington and her instructors, Maximiano Panesi and Mario Recoba, for their stellar performances at the 300th Birthday Celebration of the US Pro-Am Dance Championship in Louisville KY.

This event took place at the beautiful, stately Seelbach Hotel right in the heart of Louisville 0n December 2-5. Cathy Odell and Winners Circle Promotions, the organizers of the event, opened their arms with great hospitality, making Candi's experience unforgettable.

Candi has been part of the Daza Dance community for three years. As an accomplished silver student, her enthusiasm and dynamic confidence are always a joy to watch. Since becoming a part of Daza Dance, she played a memorable role in the Moonlight Hotel Showcase, playing the part of the "Widow," who danced an elegant Viennese Waltz. She was also very entertaining to watch in the Studio Mini Match.

Candi spent many hours preparing for this competition which included entries for several advanced dances in her program including, Bolero, Mambo, and Viennese Waltz. Finally, Candi was beautiful and ready to shine on the day of the competition. Candi's hair, makeup, and gowns, and of course Mario and Maxi, her phenomenal dance instructors, put Candi in the best possible light. 

Candi's preparation helped her achieve:

3rd Place - Bronze Smooth  

2nd Place - Open Smooth

3rd Place - Open 5 Dance Rhythm 

3rd Place - Open 3 Dance Rhythm Championship 

Candi also achieved the designation of Ms. Elegance during the competition.

Congratulations, Candi, Mario, and Maxi. May you continue to live your dreams, going beyond the stars!

Ballroom Blitz Dance Competition 2021

The Daza Dance Family is proud of our esteemed Instructor and Studio Manager and  Mario Recoba, as well as two of his students, Bill Bennett and Leslie Partee, for their success at Ballroom Blitz. This event took place at the Luminous Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida.

Once again, the competition organizers, Anna and Andrew Smart, made us feel welcome in their community of diversity and encouragement. As usual, Anna and Andrew planned everything to the last detail and put a personal touch that made us feel like we were part of their World Promotions family. 

At Daza Dance, instructors and students handled preparations for the competition weeks in advance. From the students' attire to hair and makeup, every detail was decided many days before. Final technique adjustments are made two weeks ahead of time to help relieve students of the pressure of performing. In addition, flight information, accommodations, transportation, and procedures are managed for participants. As always, Mario took it upon himself to take care of his students, so the only thing they had to think about was dancing.

This event was Leslie Partee's first competition dancing with her instructor Mario Recoba. In the past, Leslie achieved several goals in the studio, such as the mini-match and performing in showcases. However, when Daza Dance incorporated acting Into showcases a few years ago, she successfully leaped. Leslie created memorable characters such as the forever cheerleader in The Moonlight Hotel Showcase and the evil Doctor Leslie in the Family Jewels Movie Showcase. 

Leslie dazzled in her royal blue and black smooth gown and azure rhythm gown accented with brilliant Swarovski crystals. In addition, Leslie elegantly adorned her hair with exquisite stones. Leslie and Mario achieved the level of Top Newcomer at the competition.

Bill Bennett has been dancing for four years. In his showcases, he has taken the challenge to lead his instructor Mario Recoba with several diverse routines, including a fiery Tango, a hilarious adaption of the Book Mormon Moonlight hotel Showcase, and as a Guardian Angel in The Showcase family Jewels. 

The Ballroom Blitz was his fifth competition with his Instructor Mario Recoba. As Bill progresses in skill, he and Mario are focusing on perfecting technique. Bill continues to experience the joy of dancing and expand his horizons, achieving the level of 8th overall student in the competition with Mario.

World Promotions' Ballroom Blitz Competition was a beautiful and unforgettable experience filled with tremendous encouragement from everyone, including judges and professional dancers. Leslie and Bill's arrows are ready to soar into the unknown while continuing to uncover new possibilities and frontiers. Daza Dance will continue to soar to new heights! 

Thank you also to Antonio Daza for your presence and support at this event. You are the epitome of the American Dream, as you came to this country and built a business centered around excellence and the acceptance of everyone. In addition, you have helped to grow a community that encourages and supports all students and instructors as we achieve our dancing dreams together. 

Mario, Bill, and Leslie, we are encouraged and inspired by your success! May you continue to reach beyond the stars putting no limits to your dreams.

Monthly Ballroom Social Party - October 2021

While outside, the air was crisp with the first chill of Autumn. Inside of Daza Dance for October Party, the studio was warm with celebration and anticipation of the night to come!

There would be two exciting performances besides an evening of fun and catching up with students and instructors.

Mario, Maxi, Teresa, and Kamaria made the atmosphere welcoming, encouraging everyone to dance and have fun as the students arrived for the party. The studio continues to draw old and new students for the event as it is a fun, relaxing way for students to sharpen the skills they learn in their classes.

In addition to practicing various dances such as Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba Cha- Cha, Salsa, and the East Coast Swing, the Bachata and Samba line dances allow for everyone to participate together no matter their level of dance or dance experience.

This evening there was a special treat! After Dancing the Bachata Line Dance, we got to see our student and friend Joanna Eljazzar and her Instructor Mario Recoba in a Bachata performance. Joanna has been with the studio for about eight months. She has jumped right into several opportunities the studio has to offer, including the Studio Mini Match, where she was the first person in our studio's history to dance the Bachata. Joanna also represented Daza Dance at the Spring Fling National Ballroom Competition in Sarasota, Florida. Joanna was stunning in her purple dress adorned with Crystals. The mood transformed as Joanna and Mario Performed their sexy Bachata.

Our Second Performance was Katy Powell with her Instructor, Maximiliano Panesi showing us an example of Silver Waltz. Katy has been a part of Daza Dance since the studio opened in 2008 and has progressed to silver. This level reflects her hard work, dedication, and focus and that she is learning more demanding techniques and intricate patterns. Katy has participated in Showcases and Mini Matches and this year has also competed in the Viva Las Vegas Competition.   Katy was stunning in her flowing black dress with sequins that captured the sepia-toned lighting of the ballroom. Katy and Maxi created an elegant atmosphere with their inspiring performance. After the performances, dancing continued into the night. Newcomers began to catch on to some of the dances, especially the merengue with its lively and fun steps. The evening closed with the Samba Line dance. 

The family at Daza Dance continues to be strong as new friendships start and old companies strengthen at our different events. Encouragement flowed from teachers to the students and the performers, and indeed a great time was had by all. 

Our next party will be a cast party to celebrate the students in the Showcase on December 18th.

"Viva Las Vegas" Dance Competition 2021

Congratulations to our instructor Maximiliano Panesi and his student Katy Powell on her Competition debut at the “Viva Las Vegas” Competition, held at the extravagant Encore hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, and organized by the amazing team of World Promotions, Inc, led by Anna and Andrew Smart. They once again opened their arms with great hospitality, while making Katy’s experience exciting and unforgettable. 

Katy has been a part of Daza Dance literately since day one, and through the years she has become an integral part of our dance community. Katy has had memorable performances in several showcases such as her spirited West Coast Swing in the Showcase “Moonlight Hotel” with Antonio Daza, and her fiery Paso Doble with Valentina Delano in the Daza Dance movie-series showcase “Family Jewels”.

In addition, during the Family Jewels we got to see her acting skills as she played a heroine protecting her niece from a mean stepmother. Also, this year Katy reached the Silver 1 Level designation in her medal tests representing her skill, dedication, and advanced technique in both, American Smooth and American Rhythm dances.

All this dance success inspired Katy to step on the competition floor and add one more challenge to her dance program. She found herself ready to step out of her comfort zone, to prove to herself she could set an ambitious goal and succeed at it.

Katy had a lot of fun preparing for the competition. She loved working with Maxi to expand her knowledge and dance repertoire. This year she got introduced to new dance styles she had not done before. Maxi proved to her that when pursuing new goals, she can do anything she puts her mind into achieving.

But not only was her dance instructor Maxi there to help Katy feel prepared from the inside out and expertly styled from head to toe, our Daza Dance studio manager, Mario Recoba was also there to offer his support and encouragement. Thanks to their encouragement and guidance every step of the way through her first competition allowed Katy to enjoy and to be present at each moment of the event.

She not only felt amazing, but she also looked amazing in dresses with dazzling Swarovski Crystals accentuated with accessories that featured an elaborate headdress stoned by Maxi himself, perfect for the Vegas setting.

Her most proud and memorable instance was placing 3rd in the World Challenge American Rhythm Open without any actual Open Routines! Maxi felt she was up for the challenge, and even though Katy had doubts she stepped completely out of her comfort zone like a champion. She quickly realized that if she trusted Maxi she could blow past her own fears and expectations. The bonus was bringing home a huge trophy and a medals.

She felt her first experience competing was fantastic and could not have dreamed of a better one. She felt the whole event was flawless, from the venue that was beautiful, to the event staff, and other competitors who were genuinely some of the kindest people she’d ever met. 

In Katy’s own words “…I would like to thank everyone who stopped to wish me well, texted support and luck, and just in general sent good vibes. I truly appreciate the love and support sent my way. I’d like to thank Antonio for always believing in me. I’d like to thank Mario for always, without fail, giving the best advice and motivation to see past an obstacle and see it as a steppingstone to my next goal. Lastly, I’d like to thank Maxi for believing in me when I didn’t, for knowing I could when I didn’t think I could. I love our beautiful little community and can’t imagine life without all of you…”.

So again, Congratulations to Katy and Maxi for continuing to expand their goals together while achieving greater and greater things. They say what “happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, but Katy and Maxi’s accomplishments should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Maxi and Katy also won:

Top Newcomer Competitor

4th Overall Top Competitor

3rd Bronze World Challenge American Rhythm Closed

3rd World Challenge American Rhythm Open

2nd Bronze World Challenge American Smooth Closed

4th World Challenge American Smooth Open

"Swing Into Summer" Dance Competition 2021

Congratulations to our Daza Dance Instructors Mario Recoba, Maximiliano Panesi and Students Teresa Dushner, Kamaria George and Julie Jacobson for an impressive showing at the Swing into Summer Competition in Naples, Florida. 


The setting was the captivating Naples Grand Resort with pristine marble surfaces, elegant waterfalls, and floor to ceiling mirrors with golden frames that seemed to reflect the dreams from within each person.

As usual the entire World Promotions staff went above and beyond making everyone feel welcome. Upon arriving The Daza Dance team went to meet Anna and Andrew Smart and introduce the newcomers. It was surprising that Anna knew the names of everyone in our party and greeted them by name, including first time students she had never met. Her kindness and excitement for everyone was invigorating and helped instill a sense of joy for the weekend ahead.


Throughout the competition, there were signs of starting to turn the corner from the pandemic and return to some sense of normalcy even though there was a limit on the number of participants. Of course, some precautions were still in effect to ensure everyone’s safety. However, as vaccinations become more prevalent and with the CDC’s announcement about relaxing the mask-wearing in most public places, many people were comfortable being without masks at the competition. A few students and instructors still wore masks voluntarily. 


The Daza Dance team caring of their students’ every detail was, once again superb, which helped create a feeling of calm and focus among everyone in the group. It was time for Teresa, Kamaria and Julie to relax, take in every moment of the event, and enjoy the fruits of their hard work.


All of the ladies looked phenomenally beautiful; their hair, their makeup, their gowns… and of course their fabulous dance instructors, put each student in the best possible light. 


Teresa’s debut on the ballroom dance competition circuit was nothing short spectacular dancing with Maxi Panesi. She has been working very hard for the past few months on her intricate Open routines choreographed by Chantal Leclerc and Tamsyn Devilliers. In addition, she not only had intense, focused sessions with Maxi, but also, she has been practicing for long stretches of time by herself in perfecting her technique. 


Teresa describes that participating in the studio mini matches gave her an added boost of confidence as she had an idea of what to expect when she stepped on the big competition ballroom. She didn’t develop nerves and forgot she was being judged, which enable her to have the time of her life. She loved meeting new people and cheering them on. She cannot wait to participate at future competitions.


Teresa and Maxi won:

·      1st Place World Challenge American Smooth Closed 

·      1st Place World Challenge American Smooth Open

·      1st Place World Challenge American Rhythm Closed

·      2nd Place World Challenge American Rhythm Open


For her fourth competition, but very first one in the United States, Kamaria danced with her instructor Mario Recoba, and for the “Swing Into Summer Competition”, Mario challenged Kamaria beyond her comfort zone by having her compete in 13 different dance styles. In the past, she had competed in Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha-Cha, Salsa East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Merengue; and this time, Mario added Samba, Mambo, Bolero and the Viennese Waltz. She is now officially the first Daza Dance Student to compete in Samba at a national competition.


Kamaria describes how wonderful it felt to be back in the ballroom. In addition, her vibrant green dress with crystal accents for the smooth dances, and her purple rhinestone romper with a cape for the rhythm dances, plus her vibrant personality sparkled on the dance floor and caught the eye of all who saw her. 


Mario and Kamaria won:


1st Place World Challenge American Smooth Closed

2nd Place World Challenge American Smooth Open

2nd Place  Bronze World Challenge American Rhythm Closed

3rd place World Challenge American Rhythm Open


Julie has been a student at Daza Dance for a little over three years and has also participated in the studio mini matches as well as performed in Showcases. However, this was the first time competing at a national event.


Julie explains that preparing for this competition has been both exciting and nerve-wracking!  For her, what was so exciting about being a newbie/"newcomer" was the unknown factor – the not-knowing what to expect, as she loves surprises; and of course, what was so nerve-wracking about being a newbie/"newcomer" was also, the not-knowing what to expect at the same time.


Julie’s tenacity and joy for dance helped her press through her anxieties and perform very well. During the competition she danced with both Mario and Maxi looking regal in her Peacock blue rhythm gown and elegant in her silver-grey smooth gown that sparkled under the lights.


Julie captures the experience with the following comment:


“…We hear it over and over again, and it's true - going to a World Promotions event couldn't have felt more supportive and welcoming; and I know I couldn't have been in more caring and capable hands and hearts ushering me into this experience - Antonio, Maxi, and Mario are the best...”.


The whole Daza Dance Team shared the excitement of Julie winning the Top Newcomer Award and now she is filled with inspiration to keep improving, reaching, and daring. 


The World Promotions “Swing Into Summer 2021” was a beautiful and unforgettable experience, filled with tremendous encouragement from everyone, including judges and professional dancers. In addition, the Daza Dance professional team of instructors went above and beyond to make sure the students could enjoy every moment of the competition. Teresa, Kamaria and Julie’s arrows are ready to soar into the unknown, while continuing to uncover new possibilities and frontiers. Daza Dance will continue to soar to new heights!