Good Morning!

As the Holiday season begins, we would like to take this moment to recognize, reflect, and validate all of the experiences we have gone through during this “interesting” year. Sure, 2020 may not have been the year to get everything we wanted, even though there is always a silver-lining to be found; still, what this year HAS been, is an opportunity to appreciate everything we have – our families, our friends, our work, our health, our personal values, our identities, and the passions that move us.

We would like to take this opportunity to say Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone that has made possible for us to continue bringing happiness, peace, community, and dance to each one of our students. We could not be happier, and prouder of all the love, caring, and support we’ve received this year. 

We are committed to continue providing the same, and even more, quality of dance instruction and service to every person, as we start to wrap-up this year 2020.

Happy Indigenous Day and Thanksgiving Day from the Daza Dance Team.

Please enjoy this ChaCha routine we have prepared for you, as a token of our appreciation and gratitude.


Antonio Daza


Good morning,


This week, this week our professional dance instructor, Maximiliano Panesi, tells us about all the fun we have while getting ready for our showcases, as many things come in to play during that time.


Out of all of them, Maximilaino really loves to pay special attention to the creative outfits, as well as the hair and make-up styles, because they are important aspects that enhance the story, we are telling the audience through our performance. 

Maxi explains that, “…We love creating very unique looks for our students to help them get into character, [and] that’s why we make sure every look is on point, from head to toe.


The looks can vary from soft pastel flowing dresses perfect for a love story, to even darker-scary make-up perfect for a ghost; “…At Daza Dance we want our students to have the best experience ever in our events…” says Maximiliano.
If you have been in one of our many showcases, what was your favorite outfit? …We'd love to hear it! In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you and sharing all this magic with you soon.


Good Morning!

Today, our own amazing Dance Instructor and Studio Manager, Mario Recoba, tells us about his experience performing for the first time with students as a Professional Dancer.

Mario became a Dance Instructor at Daza Dance about 10 Years ago at their Buckhead location in Atlanta. Shortly after, he performed with his new students at one of the studios’ showcases called “Who Done it”

The theme was a murder mystery and he had to dance and play characters.

He danced as a robber, a psychiatrist patient and even as a baby; yes… A Baby…  with diapers and everything. With the help of more experienced Instructors, he was able to improve his own dancing skills while learning how to teach his students their routine, and without letting the pressure take the fun away.

Today, Mario remembers being extremely nervous that day; he tells us how important it was for him to show his dance level at the same standards of the other dance Instructors, plus ensuring that his students were having fun and feeling good.

He explains that “…Playing a character was way out of [his] comfort zone, but thanks to the support of the whole Daza Dance community I was able to accomplish it and fully enjoy this experience...”.

So, next time you want to challenge yourself on the dance floor, remember the Daza Dance community is next to you… every step of the way. 

- Mario Recoba and Antonio Daza -


Good Morning and Welcome to Daza Dance!

What makes our studio special is not only our beautiful space, our story, and our talented instructors, but our wonderful community of students, whose support enable us to continue making many dreams come true. 

As token of our appreciation we are featuring 5 of our wonderful students, and the amazing work they have done in their dancing.

From all of us here Daza Dance, Thank you, so much for all your love and support! 


1. Lucia Gimenez

2. Bernadine Wanha

3. Katy Powell

4. CarolZupancic

5. Paige Williams



This week, we would like to share with all of you about our NEW on-line lessons program designed specifically for those students whose in-person lessons are not yet an option, but they still want to continue working on their dancing while enjoying its mental and physical benefits. This comprehensive program provides our students with an opportunity to continue working on the mobility, and exercising of their bodies; learn different dance techniques that help them be more confident and independent on the dance floor, as well as keep the warm-personal connection, sense of community, and most importantly, all the same fun that characterizes our studio community. During these unprecedented times, our students’ health and safety continue to be extremely important to us; that is why here at Daza Dance we are making sure that each student program is personalized and adapted to their current needs and desires, regardless if they do it from the comfort of their home, or here… in our studio. For more questions about how you can also enjoy the amazing health, mental, and social benefits of Ballroom Dancing get in touch with us today. We look forward to seeing you soon on the dance floor... virtually or in person!


Good morning,

This week we would like to spotlight one of our most popular dance programs in our studio: Couples Lessons.

The benefits of having Dance Lessons as a couple with your significant other are numerous; especially during these changing times. Individually, dance lessons can give you the opportunity to exercise your body and your brain at your own pace, while taking you away from the issues that worry you on a daily basis. As a couple, private lessons can provide you both with a safe way to spend quality time, have fun together, and even make it into a date night…. And of course, you will also learn how to dance.

At Daza Dance our students’ health and safety is our top priority… that is why we would like to invite you into our studio and our awesome community to begin enjoying the amazing physical, mental, and social benefits of ballroom dancing.

So, don’t wait any longer and get in touch with us to book your first dance lesson today!



Good Morning and welcome to Daza Dance! 
What makes our studio special is not only our beautiful space, our story, and our talented instructors, but our wonderful community of students, whose support enable us to continue making many dreams come true. 
As token of our appreciation we are featuring 5 of our wonderful students, and the amazing work they have down in their dancing.
From all of us here Daza Dance, Thank you, so so much for all your love and support! 

  1. Caleigh Hatcher
  2. Mariella Volio
  3. Azita Rezaei
  4. Heidi Braniff
  5. Candi Howington



Antonio Daza

Good Morning!

This week we would like to feature one of the many business we partner up with in order to mutually build our respective communities, by providing opportunities to showcase our talents. 

Best Ever Body & Nutrition Plus is one of our closest partners, as they are located here within the Daza Dance Ballroom Academy studio space. Bill Bennett is the owner and CEO, and a nationally certified trainer with more than 15 years of experience. 

With Best Ever Body, clients not only get a private, one-on-one workout in a safe, encouraging environment, but also a training program that is specifically designed to meet their fitness goals - no cookie cutter programs here. Whether clients are looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just feel better in their skin, Bill’s fully-equipped studio is ready to help them reach their goals. 

Also, as a Certified Nutritionist, Bill provides  his clients with an option to take the guesswork out of eating to help increase their success rate.  Best Ever Body’s Nutrition Plus program is a web-based, proprietary meal planning service that provides clients with countless options to help them stay on track.

Bill explains, ”…if you’re ready to invest in your health and wellness, Best Ever Body is here to help you get started, keep you motivated and obtain that “best ever body” you’ve always wanted...”

For more details about how to get started at Best Ever Body & Nutrition Plus, contact Bill via:

Website: http://www.besteverbody.trainerize.com

Phone: 770-842-6930

Email: bill@besteverbodytrainer.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/privatetrainingandnutrition

Instagram: besteverbody


This week we would like to spotlight one of our fabulous professional Dance Instructors at Daza Dance: Mr. Maximiliano Panesi! Maxi, who is originally from Argentina, has been a member of our studio family since 2015. Throughout his ballroom dance journey, one of the things he has enjoyed the most are the competitions. When he started dancing at the age of 15, as an amateur, he never though that one day dancing would change his life the way it has done it. He explains that “… Every event [he] participated in has opened the doors to new and incredible experiences…”; for example meeting Antonio Daza at the South American Open Competition held in Buenos Aires every year during the month of August, and then moving to Atlanta to start a career as a professional ballroom dance instructor. He also adds that “…Daza Dance has given [him] the opportunity to share with [his] students the magnificent world of competitive dancing, which is not only about glamour and shiny stones, but about the possibility of meeting new people , traveling to new places and being the best version of yourself in every step YOU  take on the dance floor…”. Without a doubt Maximiliano has been a great addition to our team, and he has become an incredibly valuable member of our community. His charisma, enthusiasm, and always-positive energy make him unique, special, and a great friend. Maximiliano is a fantastic instructor, who is deeply loved and respected by all of our students and community members… we could not be prouder of him for accomplishing all his dreams while making our Studio a happier, welcoming, and even more positive place. Click the video below and hear a little more about his story… enjoy it!


This week we would like to spotlight one of our fabulous Professional Dance Instructors at Daza Dance! Mario Recoba has been with us from the very very beginning of this journey in 2008. Although, he started as a student, he became a Dance instructor in 2010. As an amateur he had the chance to participate in many dance events while experiencing the challenges and the rewards of pushing himself out of his comfort zone. However when he was given the opportunity to teach here at Daza Dance, he also began helping others to enjoy the awesome benefits of their own dance journey. 
Mario is not only a great teacher, and an amazing person, but also he is deeply loved and respected by all of our students and community members. Click the video below and hear a little of his story and see how Daza Dance could impact your life as well!


Good Morning... welcome to Daza Dance!
What makes this studio special is not only our beautiful space, our story, and our talented instructors, but our wonderful community of students whose continued support enable us to make many dreams come true. Thank you, so so much! 
Now, join me in celebrating five of our wonderful students and the fabulous work they do in their dancing.

1) Andrea and Curt Seidl
2) Cara and Alex Suarez
3) Maria Lioce and Ferdinando Martino
4) Karrie and Robert Touchette
5) Melissa Gibson, Chelsea and Eric Pettit

... Congratulations!


Good Morning! It is always a pleasure and an honor to work with the amazingly sweet, fun, and talented, plus one of the most recognized professional dance coaches and national adjudicators in the country: Chantal Leclerc. We are so thankful for being able to count on her to come any time to our studio and share her Ballroom Dance knowledge and experience in the competitive world with all of us; in this way we improve not only our own level of dancing (and teaching) as professional dance instructors, but also, help our students to achieve their dance goals while perfecting various technical aspects of their journey. Thank you Chantal for all your love, caring, and support during these years… We look forward to seeing you back on the dance floor very soon again. For more information about HOW to book a lesson with Chantal let your instructor know!

Here are some of Chantal’s titles and achievements throughout her career:
*2 times Canadian Amateur 10 dance Champion.
*2 times Canadian Amateur Latin Champion.
*Canadian representative to 3 World Championship.
*Professional Rising Star Latin winner in La Classique du Quebec , Texas Challenge , Florida State.
*National Dance Council of America (NDCA) adjudicator A+B+C+D+E+.




Certainly , we do not know, and will never know, why things happen they way they do. The last year-and-a-half has been filled with great experiences that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. For the first time in our history, it seemed we were on a path that would take our team to the places we always dreamed of, while achieving our own set of personal goals.

But, the pandemic came around and shook-up our structures, forcing us to see life from a different perspective, and challenging us to step outside of our confort zones in order to become more creative, more patient, more appreciative, more resilient, more empathic, and more loving. This world-wide crisis has taught us that in reality, we are not as much in control as we once thought we were… Nowadays, the world is more unpredictable then ever before.

That is why unfortunately, we have to make this announcement and say good-bye to our fabulous Dance Instructor and friend, Ms. Valentina Delano. It was not an easy decision to make, especially when the heart and the mind want different things… sure, it feels a little bitter-sweet. And although, our political-system is the main cause responsible for this situation, we know that everything happens for a greater reason and with an even more meaningful purpose. In our hearts, we are convinced that everything will work out fine and the best outcome will prevail.

Nevertheless, all of us at Daza Dance are extremely proud for having had the opportunity to work with such world-class dance profesional who joined our company during this pivotal moment… it was not coincidence. She has been a great team member, supporter, ally, and friend. She has done everything possible to contribute to our success… and all we can have for her is words of gratitud; so THANK YOU Valentina! Sure, we will miss her, but our studio, our community, and our hearts will always be open to welcome her back anytime in the future, and anytime she wishes it.

Now, it is time for her to fly even higher, continue pursuing her dreams, and reaching for the stars… She is a star! So, Good luck Valentina… te queremos mucho.

The Daza Dance Team


One more reason to be happy and to be grateful… Daza Dance Ballroom Academy’s Mark/Logo has been officially published in the United States Patent And Trademark (USPTO) Official Gazette. Congratulations to the Daza Dance Team and all of its members for such an accomplishment. We look forward to continue growing, developing, and becoming THE place for Ballroom Dancing in Atlanta. Thank you so much to our student and friend Heidi Braniff for assisting us during this legal process. It all begin as a general conversation at the World Promotions Dance Competition in Scottsdale, back in December of 2018, and  after almost one and a half year later we were able to close that chapter. Let’s keep believing, let’s keep dancing, let’s keep changing the world… Together we are stronger! 


Congratulations to our awesome student and friend Colet Falvey as well as her fabulous instructor Mario Recoba for their performance at the Texas Star Ball Dance Competition, organized by the team of World Promotions Inc., led by Anna and Andrew Smart, in Dallas, Texas. We are so so proud of Colet and happy to have her as part of our Daza Dance family.

Colet and Mario work really hard in their dancing and the Texas Star Ball competition was just a validation of their effort in accomplishing the goals they set up since last year in July. Colet and Mario brought home the “Top Bronze Overall Student” award, as well as 1st Place in the 3-Dance-Challenge American Smooth and Rhythm in A and B category,  1st Place in the American Rhythm and Smooth Championship in the B category, and 2nd Place in the American Rhythm and Smooth Championship in the A category. Thank you for all you do for us and for all the love. Let’s continue making dreams come true!

PS: Thank you to Colet's husband, Patrick, for all these beautiful pictures!






Daza Dance 2020 Mini-Match competition was everything we dreamed of and more. Thank you so so much to all of our students who participated and made it possible... I hope you all are enjoying this amazing sense of accomplishment. Also, thank you Mario Recoba, Maximiliano Panesi, and Valentina Delano for their never-ending hard work, enthusiasm, team work, and positive energy... our love and gratitude to them for always believing in this dream and making it a reality for all of us. 

In addition, Thanks to our coaches, Chantal Leclerc, Cher Rutherford, and Tamsyn Devilliers for sharing their professionalism, experiences and knowledge with our community while helping us to become great dancers... Thank you for always being there for us! 

And last but no least, thank you to all of our friends and family members who supported us, directly or indirectly, - and some of them working behind the scenes - in making this event a tremendous success. Stay tuned for more Daza Dance experiences soon!