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Be the star of your wedding and enjoy a lifetime of dance with your special someone. Learning to dance together is one of the most intimate and beautiful experiences that you and your partner can share together and will undoubtedly impact your relationship in many positive and loving ways. Preparing for your First Dance is a wonderful opportunity to begin learning this language of love.

Yes, let’s face it; your wedding is the one time in life where you will be expected to know how to dance. Let our professional dance instructors take the worry out and put the style in it. We will work with you to make your first dance shine as bright as you do. In your First Dance Choreography and Coaching, you will receive:
  • Help choosing your song (If you have not already chosen one);
  • Help choosing your dance style;
  • Choreography from start to finish;
  • Useful tips like “how not to step on my partner’s dress”;
  • So much more; 
At Daza Dance, we are dedicated to getting you and your soon-to-be husband or wife dancing together like you never knew possible so, take advantage of our wedding special package that can help you refine your dance.

We will work with you to set up dance lessons and/or performances to suit all your special needs. Whether you want to give the gift of dance to your wedding party or to all of your guests, we will design the perfect dance experience for you.