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Dance is the expression of the soul through movement, body lines and shapes used as a form of social expression and interaction. Dance embodies emotion and tells a story. It combines the technical exactness of the action and the sublimeness of the feeling that the form brings up within itself. Ballroom Dancing unites the art of connecting, feeling and experiencing non-verbal communication with another person as you move, interact and express your selves as one.

Ballroom dancing is more than just the classic dance styles such as Foxtrot and Waltz but also other rhythms like the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Jive, Samba, Mambo, Bolero and even some of the most current social street dances like the Argentine Tango, Salsa and West Coast Swing. Each dance has its own value and special characteristics; no one dance is better than the other; as you go through your dance journey your “dance” taste will often change based on what you feel more comfortable with at that moment.

At Daza Dance, we create personalized programs based on our students’ specific dance goals in conjunction with the instructors’ commitment to get the desired results.  Our staff is dedicated to develop well-round social dancers who enjoy getting on the floor and dancing to any rhythm at any given situation.

Teaching is all about communication; it is about inspiring and opening minds to the process of learning in a manner that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. It is about caring and conveying care to our students. Teaching is about listening, questioning, and being responsive as well as validating and respecting each person’s learning process. It is about recognizing and developing the student’s talents and establishing the teacher’s leadership through different forms of positive re-enforcement. Good teaching is as much about passion as it is about reason.

Our teaching techniques are based on three planned methods of instruction, which are: Private Lessons, Group Classes and Dance Parties, all under the already well-known criteria multi level achievement system DVIDA (Dance Vision International Dance Association). The combination of these techniques establish skills and develop concepts, building one upon the other. It combines the benefits of various ways of learning with the influence of the environment on the final result. Each learning technique may bring unique dance, social and emotional benefits to our students.

At Daza Dance, we strive for quality and satisfaction; its significance and mission is delivered to the student body through our dance instructors who are a very important asset in our company. Our instructors dance passion is what motivates their students to achieve their goals as well as they represent Daza Dance’s mission and philosophy.

Ballroom dance provides stress-reduction and cardiovascular benefits, physical exercise, and even further benefits of feeling connected. Taking dance lessons is a very interesting and rewarding experience at many different levels. There are the obvious benefits of studying dance but in reality it is a great form of exercising, an enormous amount of fun, and it is a wonderful confidence-builder for anyone at any age; it is a creative and expressive outlet as well. It gives one a greater sense of poise and confidence in expressing themselves through movement. There is growing evidence that stimulating one’s mind can prevent Alzheimer disease and other types of dementia. Ballroom dance is holistic because it positively affects the mind, body and sprit.