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It’s time to party! Bring your laughter, your joy and your cool new moves because it is time to hit the dance floor.  Whether you want to put in practice all the effort you have put in or just simply cut loose and enjoy your self on the dance floor, Daza Dance Parties are what you are looking. Our DJ and emcee will make sure to include all types of ballroom, Latin, swing, salsa and tango music as well as the most popular line-dancing songs and routines so can take pleasure in grooving to whichever rhythm makes you feel the best.

Our studio parties are the perfect place to make new friends, practice your moves and have a really good time while you exercise all the things you have been learning in your classes and private lessons. This is a very safe environment where everyone has the same goal and desire; no judgment only fun! At Daza Dance we pride our self on the community we have been able to create, so, if this is your first time visiting us do not worry because we will make you feel welcome into our family.

Daza Dance parties are dedicated not only to all its students but also to those who want to enjoy a night in the town doing something unique and fun. You do not need to be the best dancer to come to our parties and enjoy because all of the Daza Dance instructors will be there to assist you and help you get on the floor. Each guest will have the opportunity to dance with them; so relax and let them take care of you and make you feel special.

In addition, there will be a little show featuring our students and their teachers so you can picture how far you can get on your dancing. Last but no least there will be lots of great prizes and many surprises. We look forward to see you every 2nd Friday of every month from 8:00PM to 10:00 at Daza Dance!