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These reviews have been written by our clients and posted on Google.com.
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Ashley Mengwasser:
Some might consider me a ballroom dance newborn, since my first lesson at Daza Dance Ballroom Academy took place only five short months ago. The upswing I've experienced in skill and execution can't be attributed to sheer potential, I'll tell you that! The instructors have a way of lassoing talents and goals you've hidden deep inside yourself and yanking them to the forefront to your utter amazement (and, truthfully, amusement). It's this sensation, of constant surprise and self-improvement that keeps me coming through those doors...in Latin/rhythm 3" heels, no less

My instructor is owner Antonio Daza. In every lesson, the minutes whiz by so cruelly, leaving you wishing for more time on the floor to master the nuances of cha-cha, foxtrot, waltz, tango, salsa, and other styles. And, oh, the laughter! Odd how dancing with intention makes things so much more fun and carefree, isn't it? In the ballroom's inner sanctum, gone are the days of awkward partner dancing. Each movement is confident, deliberate, and SULTRY. These students are definitely bringing sexy back; I can vouch.

The pitch is "dance because you can," the sell is "dance feels good," and the ROI is "dance makes you an altogether better human being." Whether you're in search of a new fitness regimen or just want to shake what your mama (and daddy) gave you in a safe, rewarding environment, please visit Daza Dance. Speak with Antonio, Mario, Masha, and Callie. You'll be all the more fulfilled because of it. (And your promenade won't be half bad, either!)

Susan Roberson:
Daza Dance...the best space, the most encouragement, the most skilled instructors, the most fun while burning calories, the friendliest atmosphere, the most amazing students, and the best escape from reality!
I highly recommend Daza Dance whether you are single, have a partner, experience or none. Daza makes everyone feel special and most importantly, capable of dancing!

Simon Hirschhorn:
A wonderful establishment.  They have the feel of a family away from home. The instructors are marvelous, with exemplary talent and humorous wit.  The studio is small, but very comfortable.  I would most certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to try.

Bonnie Emerson:
There are moments when the universe has a plan and the magic of life has its firm hand on the rudder.  Such was that moment when I started taking lessons at Daza Dance.  Little did I realize the transformation that was about to take place.         
Dancing has forced me to acknowledge that perhaps my soul has an agenda my mind has not necessarily been conscious of.  It has forced a re-examination and integration of values with feelings;  not just what is felt, but how and why.
Awareness, however, must inevitably be accompanied by an ability to navigate unfamiliar terrain - very comfortably and safely.  And that is the beauty of Daza Dance; an environment filled with instructors who understand the notion of personal journey and are committed to help each person realize exactly what they desire. 
The team at Daza Dance is trustworthy, compassionate and very loving. They are part therapist, coach, comedian and momma, daddy, sister, brother, best friend. And they have my true admiration and undying loyalty.

Christopher Graves:
This is my first time taking one-on-one instructions and I was not disappointed. 
Probably the best I could have asked for and then some.  I am not from the Atlanta area, I came here on a summer internship and Daza was recommended to me from an instructor in Knoxville.
I took lessons form Masha, and she was an awesome instructor.  She is a very to the point lady, which works very well.  There is no way to misunderstand her.  She is really good at pacing the instruction and making sure that you never get out of step or mess up the basics.  She is also EXTREMElY attractive too, which is always a plus.
I highly recommend the facility, espically for the serious and the beginners.  And I am not even from the area!

Karen Thomson:
I was drawn to Daza Dance in January of 2012 and loved my first interaction with Antonio! I began taking classes in February with my husband; his teacher was Masha and my teacher was Irving. Both Masha and Irving are fantastic teachers!! Group classes were a lot of fun, as was the Mardi Gras Dance Party we attended. I have learned so much and always look forward to my weekly lessons with Irving. Now I hope to participate in a Mini-Match at some point. Daza Dance and all the instructors are THE BEST!!! I highly recommend it.

Ravi Batra:
Awesome staff! Definitely looking forward to more Daza!

Orlando Vanin:
Great dance studio in Atlanta.  If you are looking to learn how to dance and have fun while at it, this is the place for you.  Instructors are helpful, and provide a lot of good tips, especially when it comes to leading around a crowded dance floor. They regularly conduct show cases that help us fine tune our technique and learn a fun and exciting choreography. When I first started I couldn't tell my left foot from my right... now, I impress my friends and family with some of the moves Masha, Mario, and Antonio have taught me. Come spend some time with them! You'll love it.  I guarantee you!

Pam Rosenthal:
I walked into Daza Dance several months ago without any dance experience at all.  Today, I can waltz, fox trot, rumba, swing and more. I look forward to the days that I have lessons and can spend time in the studio learning and challenging myself to learn new dance skills. The instructors are all amazing and encouraging, even on the days where it seems I have two left feet. Thanks Daza!

Eric Morton:
From the first time my fiancé and I walked into Daza Dance, we were pleased. The space is beautiful, the staff was friendly and the energy was great. Having zero dance experience whatsoever, we were both quite nervous. All of which dissipated once we met our teacher Masha. She was patient, kind and most importantly wanted to ensure that we were happy. Many times throughout our lessons she reiterated that this was "our day" and it's important for us to feel "comfortable and happy". She encouraged us and remained positive --- even on days when the bridezilla inside of me was at an all time high! :) I am so excited for our wedding day and even more excited to step on the dance floor with my new husband and not just 'hold and sway'. Daza Dance is amazing and we are thrilled.

Rob Hileman:
Daza Dance helped my fiancé and I, who have no dance experience, develop a wonderful routine for our first dance at our wedding. Our instructor was Masha and she was incredible to work with. I would recommend Masha and Daza Dance to anyone looking to take dance lessons for any reason.

Rafael Diaz:
Daza dance is so much fun. All the instructors are very nice and talented. I really enjoy doing group classes as well as coming to the parties. Love this place!

Jocelyn Vazquez:
This is the first dance studio I have ever been to. I was very nervous to go because I am not a very good dancer, but I wanted to learn. The staff was super friendly and made me feel very comfortable. The instructors are upbeat, very helpful and encouraging. I learned some steps and made new friends! I had a great experience and recommend others to give them a try. They offer group and private classes. Definitely worth every penny!

Jennifer Gensler:
Daza dance has become my home away from home.  No matter how badly my day might be going before I get to the studio I know by the time that I leave that I will have a smile on my face!  Daza is all about community and is a place of encouragement, love and positive energy.  I got started over a year ago coming in by myself with a Groupon pass to the group classes and instantly fell in love with dancing.  It has helped me to open up more and feel more confident in myself.  I am not a performer and don't typically enjoy being the center of attention, but I am in the process of preparing for my THIRD showcase performance and I love it!  The group classes are always a ton of fun, the parties are a blast and my private lessons are one of the highlights of my week.  The best part is that you don't have to come in as part of a couple or a group you can just come by yourself.  Not to mention that it's great exercise that is FUN!  - So what are YOU waiting for??  Come on out!  We would love to have you be a part of our community!

Jackie Levi:
Wow! Learning to ballroom dance at Daza has been quite an experience. When I first came to the studio I was shy, unsure, tentative. Mario, my first and current instructor and leader came to my rescue. Made me smile, then laugh, have fun, while teaching me steps and then more sophisticated dances. When my lessons are done, I am alive, happy, and feel like I could have danced all night! After a while I started dancing also with Irvin and then Antonio. They have all become a very important part of my life. The warm and welcoming atmosphere in the studio is always relaxing and reassuring. After my lessons I always feel invigorated, renovated and ready to face the world with a smile. I would love to be able to share this place and this experience with all my friends and loved ones. I recommend Daza Dance Ballroom Academy whole heartedly!

Sheryl Lee:
I recently started dancing again and the instructors at Daza have welcomed me with open arms.  I am taking private lessons with Masha Chubenko and I am extremely happy with her teaching style.  She coaches me in a positive way to be better and works with me until I get it right.  She is patient and makes the lessons a lot of fun!  I am also enjoying the Latin workout classes.  I highly recommend checking them out if you are at all interested; dancing is fun and a great workout.

Jackie Chinn:
This is so long over due...I received lessons to Daza Dance as a Christmas gift in 2011; it took me until November 2012 to inquire about the lessons.  I'm so glad that I received this gift as I have been taking private lessons from Mario who is one of their instructors since December 2012.  My only regret is that I didn't begin the lessons sooner.  Mario is a fantastic instructor; he knows how to break the dance steps down until I understand them.  He has a tremendous amount of patience and always knows when I need to work on my technique, I am ready to learn a new step and he manages to listen to me as well. When I began the lessons, my goal was to improve my posture, tone my body, have confidence while dancing and I have achieved these and much more.  If you have ever considered taking dance lessons, don't wait any longer, I highly recommend Mario and Daza Dance.

Denver Francis:
Loved it!

Kristine Ross:
Daza Dance is a great place to learn ballroom dancing. Everyone is super nice! Irving is a great instructor. He makes it fun! He is great at challenging us but teaching at our pace. He is very encouraging and provides us excellent feedback about what we can improve in a positive way.

Erica Mason:
I cannot say enough about how wonderful my experience has been at Daza Dance with my instructor Irving Becerra!  Daza dance has become my home away from home and I always have a ball whenever I step through the door.  When I started last February, I planned on coming for a few lessons to improve my Salsa skills.  Not only am I still here, but Irving was able to expand my horizons and show my how much fun the other dances are, so we've now added Swing, Tango, Cha-Cha, and Bachata (a dance I never thought I'd do).  This is a testament to Irving's extremely positive & encouraging personality. Irving and the whole Daza staff have created such a friendly environment, from their teaching methods (very patient but rigorous) to the way that they introduce and acknowledge all of the students as they walk through the door.  It is really like a family and I absolutely love the community they have created.  I would, without reservation, recommend Irving to teach any number of styles that you might be interested in.  p.s.- He also makes Amazing Tamales!! :)

Maria Watkins:
I have experienced an amazing heart warming atmosphere at Daza Dance with the absolute best instructors. There has never been a dull moment for me when visiting and I have always felt very welcomed, I have seen the instructors at their best. Teaching all students, not everyone learns the same as others, however I have seen how the instructors take special attention to each and every individual when beginning each dance class. Friday night parties have always been a blast watching everyone gather around as family to partake in dance classes and mini competitions at an extremely low price. It is a great way to have a good time and discontinue the task of "couch potatoeing". I highly recommend this place and all instructors are amazing at what they love doing. The person whom I have seen grow has become fascinating to watch on the dance floor, Irving Beccera. Thank you for the experience and the welcoming arms.. You guys are FABULOUS!!!!