Early Christmas Morning I am filled with gratitude as I watch a short video of a Holiday Celebration with the Pace Sisters, a popular African American Gospel Group. They become overjoyed and burst into song just because they have their family and friends around them, which are the true treasures of life. I am so grateful for the many blessings in my life, for my natural family, and of course my Daza Dance Family.

I am reflecting on how earlier this week I was working with Maxi, and during the warm up he is constantly complimenting me. I break character and smile during the Tango and am having a difficult time getting my Tango face back.  Today my technique is much better because I am more confident. We do some work on the first three steps of Promenade in Tango to make sure I am turning my head the correct way. When I make the promenade step I am only to turn my head to prepare the step, the body turns as I move in promenade.  I add this step when I come during the week to my practice sessions so now I alternate between Chase Turns and Promenade.

When I come early to class later that week on Thursday Antonio is practicing with Hanna Katz, a beautiful dancer who is as kind and genuine as she is talented. I have seen her training at the studio with Antonio and Mario and she lights up the ballroom with her elegant presence. Today she and Antonio are intensely working on a Viennese waltz looking smooth and flawless. Later I see her practicing Samba and truly enjoying every moment.

When Antonio and I begin our class we are having fun and I am overflowing with laughter, today my spirit feels completely renewed as we go through the dances without a specific agenda; we are just having fun. When we get to the East Coast Swing we continue to practice the throw out step over and over, it seems like every other step is the throw out! I am remembering Chantal’s notes from the test to lean back at the beginning of the step before moving forward.  I feel myself getting better and Antonio comments that he has seen me improve.  My other notable improvement was in Rumba today. As we practice Rumba I applied the note where Antonio tells me to pause in certain sections and wait for him to lead me before coming forward.

Today my life lesson was in the power of persistence. Through hard work, dedication and practice I am seeing my goals flourish and that my abilities go beyond what I even think is possible. I am learning how to apply these strategies in my life and how no matter how difficult circumstances are to not be afraid to continue reaching for my highest ideal. As I continue on this journey the life unfolding before me is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

By: Kamaria George (12/25/2017)