I brought in the New Year quietly, but deeply reflective. I know in my heart 2018 will be like no other year I have ever experienced; I feel a restlessness like never before. 2018 is beginning to unfold for me just as in the song Chandelier by Sia which happens to be my song for my next showcase. My Life at Daza Dance has been like swinging from the chandeliers so to speak as I have found the freedom to be myself. To me just learning to be comfortable in my own skin has been wild and radical, and I have the desire to sever all of my fears as I continue this journey to become an all-around better person.

What a beautiful year 2017 has been. Being able to go to Argentina a second time exceeded my wildest expectations, it was so rewarding to be an even better dancer than I was the year before. This time I not only had my friends from Argentina, I made new friends from Chile and Uruguay. My favorite heat hands down was an East Coast Swing to the AC/DC Song “You Shook Me All Night Long” as Antonio and I just broke free and got wild and crazy!  Just like last year I never wanted the dancing to end.  In my other performances, I continued to improve with my showcases, having the opportunity to even teach Antonio during my Foxtrot showcase for A Chorus Line! Even though during those moments I actually learned more than I taught the experience helped to build my confidence. Then, of course, there was my final performance of the year “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from The Little Mermaid where I not only had to learn an entire routine without counts choreographed to the words of the song, I also had to act while dancing. To date not only was that my most challenging performance, it was my most rewarding. Both of my coaches, Antonio and Maxi, have continued to mold and refine me, pushing me beyond my perceived limits and helping me rise to new challenges throughout the year. I am looking forward to sharing the stage with both of them for the 10th Anniversary of Daza Dance!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!!!

My last two classes of the year were with Antonio. He has been instilling in me the variations of character for my different dances from the sweetness of Waltz to the intensity of Tango and he calls out different characters for me to create. “Show me your inner Madonna! Dance like a pro.” Today is just a fun class filled with dancing. Antonio tells me how proud he is of me for having significant breakthroughs as a dancer and in my personal life. 

The life lessons I gain from my dancing experience are continuing to shape me into the person I most want to be, on and off the dance floor. The conversation continues the next night during class. We have our usual motivation moments to solidify dreams and encourage me to plan for my path. For the past two years, these talks at the end of the year have helped me to remain focused on clear objectives. Antonio is also very good about keeping me accountable to my visions and goals, and if there are obstacles helping me figure out how to overcome them and move forward. Antonio tells me that with all that I have accomplished he sees that I can do more and I have greater potential.  I know he’s right, as these words connect with the restlessness I have been feeling. There’s more dance inside of me, and there’s a deeper spiritual grounding that wants to break forth!! I am ready to take on 2018!!

By: Kamaria George (01/02/2018)