On my birthday I woke up to a phone that was self-destructing before my eyes. Half my apps had what looked like Divinci spider webs on them, I couldn’t access texts or what’s app messages, and everything else was frozen! I was on the phone with tech support for two hours and they finally determined that there was too much information on my phone, and for it to work again I would have to erase all the memory, data, and pictures from my phone. Usually, something like this would cause me to have a panic attack, but my immediate reaction was to listen to the lesson in the situation. I could feel a stillness in the midst of my disappointment telling me it was time to let go of negativity and all the things that clutter my spirit and keeping me from functioning to my fullest potential. The more I stay true to who I am through the joy and discipline of dance the light within me becomes brighter making my path to wholeness and peace clearer.

While I was waiting on my phone to update I began to reflect on my time in the studio. On Monday I had a fun warm-up with Maxi to the song “We Got the Beat” by The Go-Gos for the east coast swing.  I got this strong burst of energy and happiness and moments of pure, clear, laughter poured from my soul. After warm-ups, we focus on some more of the choreography and I am able to catch on quickly. At the end of the session, I ask to do it by myself to make sure it I cemented in my memory. I am able to complete the choreography by myself, and Maxi gives me a big hug.

Later that week I am working with Antonio and am having issues with the dip movement in my choreography.  I have to get it together as I am doing several dips throughout this routine, but I keep stumbling and falling like a scene from I love Lucy.  Even though the illusion will be given that Antonio is holding me up, really I am supposed to hold up myself. At one point I almost tip over completely on the floor! Mario, Antonio, and I burst out in laughter as this is such a challenge for me to master. Through fully engaging my core and squeezing my thighs together for the support I am feeling more secure in my stance. I am also focusing on strengthening my ankles with various exercises to further control my wobbling, and I can see things coming together slowly but surely.

The next night I got to do my video for the upcoming showcase and do one of my favorite things, talk about how much I love the studio and how much being here has changed my life. I was reflecting on how far I’ve come in my personal growth and how through Daza Dance I now have a platform to encourage people throughout the world! Antonio has helped me to draw out the best in myself, and my family at the studio through their love and acceptance of me shows me how to give that love to others. Later that evening Antonio surprised me with a cake and everyone at the studio sang happy birthday, it felt good to be acknowledged by this group of people that I have grown to love so much!

As I conclude these thoughts I finish up with tech support. The lesson I learned from my temperamental cellphone rings throughout my entire being. (pun intended, ha-ha) I entitled the piece reboot the moon because my name means like the moon, and just like my cell phone I need to reboot and let go of harmful thought patterns that no longer serve me. As I started to monitor my thoughts I noticed a twinge of pain when I would dwell too much on negativity, and I noticed feelings of fear began to rise at the thought of letting them go because I had become comfortable in these patterns. Now in order to live my fullest life I must let them go. Dancing continues to help me find the truth in my spirit and allows the light within to shine so bright, I am ready to press through the darkness and truly embrace gratitude and the good in life.

By Kamaria George (10/08/2017)