...This has definitely been one of the most fun, exciting and humbling experiences I've had in the last few years. Although I have put a lot of energy, work blood, tears and effort in my work as a ‪#‎ballroomdanceinstructor‬ the last eight years as well as building Daza Dance and only wished that it could be noticed just as that, I recognized that performing a professional show with Sebastian Colavita was very very exciting... maybe I will do it again soon! Thank you so much Sebastian Colavita for encouraging me to get back on the floor and perform with you.... I would not have asked for a better dance partner to share this experience. Sebastian did a fantastic job choreographing this piece that, without a doubt, brought the best of our personalities out on the floor... the crowd felt our energy and how much we were enjoying it. Thank you Andrew and Anna Smart for providing this space and for putting together such a beautiful event where ‪#‎people‬ can express freely through the language of ‪#‎Dance‬ beyond their cultures, religions, sexual orientations and political views, and to TRULLY come together. ‪#‎dazadance‬‪#‎daza‬‪#‎iloveballroomdance‬‪#‎southamericanopen‬‪#‎Argentina‬‪#‎Antoniodaza‬‪#‎becomingbetter‬‪#‎ibelieveinmiracles‬


Beyond all the difficulties and obstacles that I've encountered throughout this journey as a ‪#‎businessowner‬ and ‪#‎ballroomdanceintructor‬, I recognize that I've also been always surrounded by many people who have made a tremendous ‪#‎positiveimpact‬ in my life. They have offered me a hand to pick me up when I have fallen, walked next to me in the obscurity and some times gifted me wings that have mede fly... Sebastian Colavita and Celeste Italianohave done that for me since the day I met them. Very few times in our life time, you get to meet wonderful people like them, who are not afraid of taking risks, growing and living life to the fullest in pursuit of their dreams. Last weekend at the SAO Competition they showed unbelievable strength, professionalism and skill like never seen before. I am so happy and proud to call them my friends.... I love you both very much. ‪#‎THEWINNINGTEAM‬‪#‎dazadance‬‪#‎daza‬‪#‎iloveballroomdancing‬‪#‎southamericanopencompetition‬‪#‎becomingbetter‬‪#‎ibelieveinmiracles‬


... About a year and a half ago during one my visits to Buenos Aires, Valeria Celano and I met because of her interest in perfecting her West Coast Swing... Long story short, she not only took one lesson with me but she continued taking many more to the point of competing at the 2015 South American Open competition with only twenty lessons to rehearse. She definitely took a leap of faith and ‪#‎jumpedinthepool‬ all the way. Almost instantly at the moment of meeting we stablished a special connection and a friendship was born... After a great success at her first competition and gaining the "Top South American Student" Award, she decided to take part of this great venture to compete at the 2016 South American Open competition again and setting higher and more exciting goals. In addition to training and dancing with me, she took on a new amateur partner (José Enrique Míguez Porcal) and received instruction from ‪#‎thebest‬ two instructors in Buenos Aires, Sebastian Colavita and Celeste Italiano, who took care of her while I was in Atlanta. For the second time she performed her ‪#‎AmericanRhythm‬ routines, and this year for the first time she competed on the ‪#‎AmericanSmooth‬ dances (Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango), which has been one her dreams all along. I am so proud of her because she exceeded all my expectations; Valeria Celano won ‪#‎1stplace‬ on the Close 3-Dance Multi Dance Challenges in American Rhythm and American Smooth. As if that was not enough she took (again) the title of "‪#‎SouthAmericanStudentAward‬ over all. I am extremely proud of her not only because she has done what no one else has ever done in Argentina as far as pro-am ballroom dancing, but also because I have first hand witnessed the amazing personal, emotional and psychological growth she has gain through this journey. I will forever be grateful to her for believing in me as well as allowing me to turn her world upside down... Thank you Valeria for all your love, support and trust. Let's keep dancing!!!! ‪#‎dazadance‬‪#‎daza‬‪#‎ilovebuenosaires‬‪#‎worldpromotions‬‪#‎southamericanopen‬‪#‎becomingbetter‬‪#‎ibelieveinmiracles‬


This year, and for the third time in my life I had the great opportunity to be part of one the most well-organized, fun and friendly-environment ballroom dance competitions in the world. The South American Open, led by the amazing team of Andrew and Anna Smart, takes place every year in Buenos Aires , Argentina, providing an opportunity to dancers from all over the world, but specially from South America, to gather under the same roof to show their unbelievable talent and passion. Daza Dance and I were gratefully lucky to be represented by one of our most beloved students: Kamaria S George Atlanta. She has been taking lessons at the studio for one and half year and this was her first competition ever... Yeah, She definitely jumped straight into the the big fish tank. Her sweet.loving and fun demeanor immediately stole everyone's hearts, as well as her personality on the dance floor left remarkable memories that will last for a long time. In addition, I am so proud of Kamaria S George Atlanta for being an example of the numerous benefits that Ballroom Dancing has on those who dare to experience it. Today, she is someone who has become closer to the kind of person she really wants to be by allowing herself to grow and change through the life lessons that she learns when she dances. I would like to invite everyone to join me in Buenos Aires next year in 2017 to experience the amazing energy of this country! ‪#‎dazadance‬‪#‎daza‬‪#‎ilovebuenosaires‬‪#‎worldpromotions‬‪#‎southamericanopen‬‪#‎becomingbetter‬‪#‎ibelieveinmiracles‬